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Iko Spinning Grill


For grilling your favorite vegetables or meat the spinning grill can be used. The hot air makes the center plate rotate, distributing the heat evenly underneath the grill. The grill body holds a layer of water to keep the meat hydrated and to catch most grease and dirt.


Are you a camping enthusiast or a fan of glamping in the great outdoors?   The  Iko Spinning Grill is your go-to choice for grilling your favorite vegetables and meat.

Here’s how it turns your outdoor cooking into a culinary masterpiece: The ingenious design harnesses hot air to make the center plate spin gracefully, ensuring that the heat is distributed evenly beneath the grill. It’s a game-changer for campers and glampers alike, providing perfectly cooked meals every time.

But there’s an additional element that sets this grill apart. The grill body boasts a clever water layer that serves multiple purposes. Not only does it keep your meat hydrated, preserving its juiciness, but it also acts as a smart trap for catching most of the grease and dirt, keeping your camping or glamping site clean


Make your next camping or glamping experience unforgettable. Embrace the ease and excellence of the  Iko Spinning Grill and elevate your outdoor cooking game. Get ready to savor every bite, no matter where your adventure takes you!”