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Infra Red Room Heater


The infrared heater accessory is specially designed to be used with the Iko jiko  cookstove. The strong flame of the stove heats the inner mesh to temperatures up to 1000 ° C making it red-hot. The red-hot mesh creates a nice warm infrared glow which is felt when you are sitting around the heater.

The heater can easily and safely be handled using the burner removal tool.


The Infrared  Room Heater Accessory is the best room heater for those seeking efficient and eco-friendly heating solutions. Specifically designed to complement the Iko Jiko cookstove, this innovative accessory utilizes biomass as its heat source. The Iko Jiko cookstove’s strong flame can reach temperatures of up to 1000°C, heating the inner mesh until it’s red-hot. This red-hot mesh generates a delightful, warm infrared glow, creating a cozy atmosphere for anyone gathered around the heater.

For added convenience and safety, the heater comes with a burner removal tool, allowing you to handle it easily. So, if you’re looking for the best room heater that combines the power of biomass with infrared technology, the Infrared Heater Accessory for the Iko Jiko cookstove is the perfect choice.

Its ideal for outdoor activities such as clamping and glamping